Who We Are

We are a team of problem solvers, strategists, and creative thinkers. We believe that great companies are made of great people, not products or programs, and this conviction is at the heart of everything we do.

We take our jobs seriously—but personally—and have built a corporate culture that is committed to integrity, continuous learning, and social responsibility. By investing in people that share our values, we have cultivated a dynamic, entrepreneurial team unlike any other in the industry.

Our expertise is rooted in the diverse backgrounds of employees. Thirty-seven percent of our employees are women, 60 percent are minorities, and 75 percent are veterans.  Like the organizations and communities we serve, we see diversity as an asset that strengthens our ability to make a difference.

“The SAMS Team is great. They have a full understanding of the contract requirements and perform without constant supervision.” – Contracting Specialist

What We Do

We give you back your time.

Though we provide a variety of professional services, the end result of all our work is giving you more time to do what you do best. From back office operations and program support to facilities management, SAMS handles mission-critical functions that help you increase efficiency and funnel more resources to your most impactful work.

We support our community.

Social responsibility is a core tenet of the SAMS corporate philosophy. Through our charitable organization, SAMS Cares, we participate in more than 14 community service programs around the country each year.

We create jobs and nurture careers.

At SAMS, we take pride in providing sustainable, long-term career paths and offering each of our employees the support, training, and work-life balance they need to achieve professional and personal growth.