Made to Last: Developing an Operational Strategy

Making operational improvements is difficult on its own, but ensuring that they are sustainable is even more of a challenge. When developing an operational improvement strategy, it’s absolutely critical to think about the long-term risks and challenges. Otherwise much of the investment that the organization makes in improving its operations will be ultimately lost. Developing… Read more »

Strategic Planning is Essential for Your Long-Term Growth

If you’re looking to expand your business, the first step is to develop a strategy. Growth is one of the most vulnerable times for an organization. Businesses that are seeking to expand (even slowly) will often overextend themselves and find themselves with weaknesses in their infrastructure. Strategic planning creates a process through which an organization… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions for Facility Managers and their Team

What are your New Year’s Resolutions for your facility management? As the new year approaches, it becomes necessary for facility managers to review their operations. What has been working? What hasn’t? And what can you do to prepare your facility and your team for the coming year? Here are a few aspects you might want… Read more »

Facility Management During the Holidays

The holidays are generally a unique time of year for facility managers. This includes even those who are not directly involved with the holiday season, such as retailers. Holidays bring with them a host of once-a-year events and seasonal challenges. Not only do facility managers need to contend with the chilly winter weather, but they… Read more »

Spread the Holiday Cheer with Employee Volunteer Programs

The holidays are the best time to consider giving back to your local community. Not only does charitable giving improve upon employee morale, but it also builds up good will with your current and prospective clients. Studies have shown that charitable giving improves upon public perception of a business, in addition to increasing exposure and… Read more »

Benefits of a Contract Management System

A contract management system is designed to track all aspects of an organization’s contracts in a single consolidated, centralized place. Through a contract management system, business owners can track their vendors, ensure compliance, renegotiate their contracts, and cancel their contract renewals. Creating a More Transparent Environment Organizations without a contract management system have no easy… Read more »

Skills to Succeed in Facility Management

Whether you’re a newly hired facility manager or simply looking to brush up upon your skills, the art of facility management can be deceptively fast-paced and difficult to master. Facility management encompasses everything about the physical assets of an organization, requiring superb resource management and interpersonal skills. Being As Prepared and Knowledgeable as Possible From… Read more »

Project Management vs. Program Management

Comparing program management and project management is similar to┬ácomparing the forest to the trees that comprise it. Program management encompasses multiple projects, whereas project management drills down to the smallest details of a specific initiative. In smaller businesses, program management and project management may be effectively indistinguishable. In larger organizations, they can be vastly different… Read more »

Importance of Mailroom and Courier Services

Mailroom and courier services are an often forgotten but absolutely vital part of a company’s operations. If the mailroom of a company is failing to complete its duties, other areas of the business can grind to a halt. Mailroom and courier services are designed to ensure that documents are transferred appropriately and quickly, and that… Read more »

Business Process Assessment – Improving Productivity and Functionality

Business processes make up the core of an organization’s day-to-day operations. By improving the productivity and functionality of business processes, operations can be streamlined at all levels and overhead can be substantially reduced. All businesses have pockets of inefficiency throughout their current systems. A business process assessment is designed to both reveal and mitigate these… Read more »