Black-Owned Small Businesses Buffeted by U.S. Shutdown’s Effects

Janet Bashen called her 19 employees Sunday night and told them she couldn’t afford to pay them. Don’t come in Monday, she said. The partial U.S. government shutdown had lasted too long for her namesake small business, Houston-based Bashen Corp., which provides diversity training and investigates discrimination complaints. Federal agencies were weeks late on about… Read more »

Springfield Business Takes a Hit From Government Shutdown

Tuesday was the first day of the first government shutdown in 17 years. And as Congress continues to squabble over the spending bill, Staci Redmon, owner of  Strategy and Management Services, Inc. (SAMS) in Springfield, is trying to continue to run her business that provides strategy, management and information technology-related services to federal government agencies. Redmon said on… Read more »

Black small businesses to feel the sting of shutdown.

The last government shut down lasted 21 days from December 15, 1995 to January 6, 1996. This was the longest government shutdown to date. Fast forward to today. Another government shutdown, but this time is different. The economy is just rebounding from the financial crisis and the Great Recession which decimated the economy. Read more…

Sequestration: How do you find the right industry partner?

Sequestration is here.  Many Federal agencies are still trying to figure out what to tighten amid massive budget cuts. So how do you keep functioning at current levels, or even do more with less? There are solutions available to help you meet your mission, avoid high overhead costs, and help manage projects on time, on… Read more »

Federal Budget Cuts Hit D.C. Region Especially Hard

To get a sense of just how much federal government spending influences the Washington metropolitan area, all you have to do is listen to the ads on an all-news radio station there. Instead of promoting happy hours and nightclubs, WTOP’s commercials are replete with buzzwords about cloud computing and fulfilling mission statements – pitches by… Read more »

Sequestration 2013: Montgomery, Fairfax counties likely to take big blow

While President Barack Obama and leaders in Congress look for solutions as time ticks down toward the sequester, the impact of these harsh budget cuts are already being felt in the D.C. area.  No more strongly may an area be impacted, though, than Montgomery and Fairfax counties. Read more…

Federal Cuts Could Affect Tech Support Industry

Small federal contractors in Virginia are bracing for the impact of sequestration, and those that provide tech support to federal agencies worry that they could be the first budget item on the chopping block. Staci Redmon is the president and CEO of Strategy and Management Services, or SAMS, headquartered in Springfield, Va. The company provides… Read more »

Incubation: The engine behind Fairfax start-ups

In business, incubation helps fledgling start-ups launched prematurely to land on their feet.  The concept of business incubation started more than three decades ago with entrepreneurs who sought help covering overhead costs. During those times, when the cost of technology was high, business owners would pool together to share the cost burden of fax machines, printers,… Read more »