Rule #61 – Maintaining your Business Reputation

Rule #61 – Maintaining your Business Reputation It’s often said that you can know what a person will be like based upon their closest companions. The same holds true for a business. Who you regularly conduct business with can greatly impact your business reputation. Even if your business partners have never been involved in a… Read more »

Rule #60 – Communication is Key

Rule #60 – Communication is Key Just like in a relationship, maintaining constant communication in the workforce is key. As a company rapidly grows, overlap within the organization causes small cracks in the communication begin to form. Communication is essential in order to keep workers up to date with different projects and tasks expected of… Read more »

Rule #59 – Overnight Success

Rule #59 – Overnight Success As much as every business leader wishes, success does not simply happen overnight. Building a successful business takes four key factors. Persistence and Resilience: failed products, faulty business strategies, business contracts that fall through can cause failure to appear inevitable. However, a business leader with persistence and resilience is able… Read more »

Rule #58 – Creativity over Credentials

When it comes to hiring, there are a plethora of highly qualified candidates who apply with degrees from top-notch colleges and have all the paper certification they need to be considered a highly successful candidate. However, a candidate with no impressive credentials and a lack of college education may truly be the more successful candidate… Read more »

Rule #57 – Know your Employees

You may know who your employees are, but do you really know them? One key when it comes to leadership that will increase employee satisfaction and instill within them a motivational drive is to truly get to know your employees personally. It may seem impossible to find the time to spend individually with every employee,… Read more »

Rule #56 – Hiring those who Fought for Us

Support our vets! In a business perspective, one excellent way to support our veterans who have risked their lives to keep us safe is to hire our service members. Many companies avoid hiring veterans due to assumed negative stereotypes and misinterpreted skills. However, any perceived drawbacks are certainly outweighed by the incredible benefits of hiring… Read more »

Rule #55 – It’s Always Time to Learn

Successful leaders keep their minds open to new things because they know that no matter how high their level of mastery is, there is always more to learn. If you become an expert in one field, seek out other fields outside your comfort zone where you can apply your expertise. When facing challenges, even ones… Read more »

Rule #54 – Keeping Your Vision

Nearly every company has a vision that provides future goals and an ultimate direction for the business. Unfortunately, not every company follows their vision, and many times lower level employees are not even aware of that essential vision is. A key to a successful business and an implemented vision is to follow that vision throughout… Read more »

Rule #53 – Contracts are King

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people speculating over the specifics of a contract without looking at it first. I’m here to save you some time: Read the contract. Guessing what it says is pointless, because whatever is in writing is what you are held to. With that in mind, wouldn’t you… Read more »

Redmon’s Rules – Rule #52: Front End Vs. Back End

Redmon’s Rules: providing weekly rules and tips on leadership, management, business growth and strategy. Rule #52 Front End vs. Back End What’s the first thing that happens when you start a new job? Orientation, of course! Why? Because you’re coming into a new environment with new rules. The people are different, the culture is different,… Read more »