Redmon’s Rule #121 – Prime for Ethical Practices

The majority of unethical decisions don’t stem from intention, they grow from haste. What begins as a seemingly small, unimportant exception can easily become a habitual bending of the rules. Place ethics at the forefront of your business practices by priming your employees. Talk about ethics with your team. Set aside a small amount of… Read more »

Redmon’s Rule #120 – Press for Diversity in the Workplace

Workplace diversity matters. Data has proven that inclusion promotes an innovative, more intelligent, and dedicated staff, which leads to increased performance and revenue. As a leader, how do you get there? Viewing diversity as a set of policies, laws, or training isn’t enough. In practice, diversity is more than fulfilling requirements. Leaders must strive to… Read more »

Redmon’s Rule #119 – Build Longevity with Business Engagement

Successful businesses are well rewarded for their ability to meet stakeholder demands, and the most invested proponent of any business is its community. Business engagement – through educational programs, participation on advisory boards, philanthropy, or otherwise – provides a two-fold reward.It promotes long-term economic stability and growth in the local area, and the future availability… Read more »

Redmon’s Rule #118 – It Starts with “Yes!”

If attitudes are contagious, make sure you’re spreading the right one. Executives are reminded to lead by example, and always with a positive attitude. But how is positivity emanated? Practice a new paradigm by starting with “yes!” An attitude is an outlook, but “yes” is a declaration. When you start with “yes,” every challenge has… Read more »

Rule #108 – Make Sure Your Daily Tasks Are Value Driven

Most companies could run more efficiently, but something is holding them back. When going about your daily activities, ask yourself, “Does this task provide value to the company? If so, what is that value?” If you can’t identify the value, maybe you should focus your efforts on something else. Are you making sure that all… Read more »

Rule #107 – Try Thinking Inside the Box

With so many people trying to think outside of the box, it’s become a cliché that doesn’t carry the same meaning. Sometimes the answer you’re looking for is right in front of you but you look past it. Take some time to slow down and open your eyes and you may discover some hidden gems… Read more »

Rule #106 – It’s not All about You

When it comes to leading and managing a company, or even a team, it’s easy to get caught up in what you want and how decisions will impact you personally. However, as a leader, it’s not all about you. Rather, it’s about the mission of your organization and how you serve your clients and community…. Read more »

Rule #105 – Imperative Improvements

As a successful business leader, you may reach a point in your career where your business is running smoothly, growing rapidly, and things seem almost perfect. However, it’s imperative that you never stop striving to improve your business. It’s when your organization falls into complacency that competitors are able to come in and improve your… Read more »

Rule #104 – A Viable Vision

Creating a business without a vision is like going on a long road trip without a GPS. You can try, but you won’t get very far in the right direction. As an entrepreneur, it’s essential that before you start your business you know the overall goal you’re going to accomplish and how you’re going to… Read more »

Rule #103 – Mentorship Matters

No matter what stage you’re at in your career, you can always benefit from mentorship. Whether you’re a recent college graduate or an experienced CEO, you can always learn more from someone who has been where you are. The value of mentorship is often undervalued. However, there’s power in having a mentor who is able… Read more »