SAMS is passionate about innovation as a difference-maker for high-performing enterprises and organizations. As technology evolves, we help clients adapt to new digital marketplace paradigms. We work closely with stakeholders to position their organizations for success, while also being closely engaged as a positive force in the community at large.

SAMS enables innovation adoption and provides modern Software Development, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics and Integration solutions for clients in:



The SAMS Solution is built with flexibility to adjust to your changing needs. We are continuously progressing so that we can apply SAMS CORE Principles to transform your business journey with cost-effective solutions.

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  • Software development
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data analytics and integration


  • Customized for platforms, development frameworks and business context
  • Open integration across cooperating apps and systems
  • Capable across diverse infrastructures

Efficient. Agile. Secure. That’s the performance that enterprises need from software and applications, and those are the characteristics that define the solutions SAMS delivers. Our team develops and innovates the software you need to meet your goals for superior operational performance and outstanding results.

  • Digital Transformation

    Has your organization engaged all the capabilities demanded by the 21st-century digital marketplace? Cloud computing, blockchain, robotic process automation – these are more than just buzzwords, they are the technologies that forward-thinking enterprises use to achieve their performance benchmarks, meet compliance objectives and dominate the competition.

    Digital Transformation from SAMS designs and implements the digital tools you need to excel within your space. We can introduce solutions that optimize your marketplace advantages, boost operational efficiency and agility, and leverage data as a success driver, all with cost and schedule certainty. Let SAMS help you realize the best return on your IT investments.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

    Connect devices, gather and process information, then take advantage of data and analytics to power your decision making, connect better with customers and understand the context of your marketplace – that’s the power of IoT. SAMS helps organizations fully engage IoT processes and technologies. Instead of being just a buzzword, we ensure that IoT is adding value to your bottom line.

    IoT from SAMS unlocks data as a game-changer for your organization. From innovating asset management to optimizing scheduling, managing facilities in real-time to improving software and systems engineering, IoT is an opportunity to fast-track your digital transformation. SAMS provides high-performing, secure and versatile IoT solutions, fully customized to your performance needs.


  • Mitigate internal and external threats
  • Maximize availability, minimize downtime
  • Manage risk and meet compliance objectives

SAMS provides the full range of network, website and IT security solutions, with a specialization in IT security auditing. Enterprises trust our team to identify security challenges and efficiently manage their threat environment, with services fully customized to match your compliance needs.

  • IT & Cybersecurity

    The modern cyber threat landscape is uniquely perilous: it’s not a matter of IF your organization will become the victim of an incident, the question is WHEN? SAMS helps enterprises detect and mitigate threats and damaging events, so you’re protected in real-time against known and emergent security challenges. Our advanced cybersecurity solutions help you increase productivity and confidence, while lowering risk and reducing incident-related costs.

    IT & Cybersecurity from SAMS delivers layered, multivalent security structures that secure local machines, mobile devices, your organizational networks and connections, and more. Your enterprise enjoys maximum protection from data breaches, insider threats, hostile penetrations and other damaging security events.

  • Data Asset Destruction

    Confidential information requires the highest standards for secure data destruction. Simple deletion of files does not destroy data, but it does provide a false sense of security that your most privileged information is not at risk. Enterprises and institutions trust SAMS with their data destruction needs, for security, for compliance and for much more.

    Data Asset Destruction from SAMS works with your organization to understand your compliance needs (including HIPAA, Federal Privacy Act, Department of Defense 5200.01), analyze your security environment and develop a secure and effective data deletion plan for your organization. We can destroy data while preserving devices for reuse, maintain and transfer data to a new location and minimize the environmental impact of device destruction. Delete files and sanitize media securely and professionally with SAMS.


  • Analyze data and generate immediate answers
  • Anticipate and overcome challenges
  • Empower optimal decision making

Data analytics and integration are essential capabilities your business needs to thrive in the 21st century marketplace. Support your enterprise data operations with tools and technologies from SAMS, to better gather, structure, analyze and deliver essential data insights.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Artificial intelligence isn’t science fiction. Enterprise AI infrastructure is a solution that successful businesses deploy to gain an edge in their marketplace. From powering data analytics to automating work processes, strengthening cybersecurity to improving customer experiences, AI is an essential component for success and growth.

    Artificial Intelligence from SAMS allows you to leverage cutting edge software technologies that position your organization as an industry leader. SAMS’ AI process is sharply defined to create value: we engineer an architecture that establishes proper data governance, test AI applications to ensure a fit with your performance goals, then implement an AI strategy that can be fully customized and scaled as needed.

  • Business Intelligence

    Having enough data is not the problem in today’s digital environment. The challenge for enterprises is cutting through endless reams of unparsed data to find what you need, then structuring it effectively and delivering it to the people who need it.

    Business Intelligence from SAMS is customized to deliver exactly the data performance you need. Enjoy the benefits of data that is cleaner, more consistent and relevant, and above all capable of supporting your mission. SAMS delivers business intelligence solutions that are a positive resource for achieving your operational and strategic goals.

    The future is now: SAMS can help you make the transition to enterprise AI, today.

  • Machine Learning

    Machine learning solutions add nuance to artificial intelligence architectures, providing another tool for forward-looking enterprises in a highly competitive business environment. Machine learning can tame even the most unruly data, quickly delivering insights that are predictive, value-driven and actionable.

    Machine Learning from SAMS transforms your business problems into machine learning use cases that deliver superb results. Whether you need help with supply chain intelligence or process automation, predictive modeling for better decision making or fraud detection, we can position your enterprise to gain all the benefits of fully customized and effective machine learning solutions.




We do this by providing innovative and advanced technology solutions to forward-thinking clients that are ready to surpass their business goals. Founded in 2008 by Staci Redmon, our company is built on the shared passions of a team of enthusiastic problem solvers, boundary-pushing strategists and boldly creative thinkers.

SAMS is a minority-woman owned, veteran owned enterprise headquartered in Springfield, Virginia. Our expertise is rooted in the diversity of life experiences of our employees, like the organizations and communities we serve. We view diversity as an asset that strengthens our ability to make a difference.

SAMS proudly embraces a Veterans First hiring practice and strives to create meaningful employment opportunities for veterans and family members of veterans. Currently, more than seventy-percent of our employee population lies within this category.


SAMS is founded and managed on a strong set of core values:

Commitment to Our People: Our people make us who we are – solid strategic partners with our clients and community stakeholders.

Commitment to Our Clients: Our clients are the lifeblood of our company and a top priority. Understanding our clients and taking care of them is what we do best.

Commitment to Our Community: An organization does not exist in a vacuum, it must be part of the larger community. We know that when we support our community and contribute to the welfare and happiness of our neighbors, everyone benefits.


Staci L. Redmon, Founder, President and CEO of Strategy and Management Services, began her career in the U.S Army. While serving in the Signal Corps, Redmon suffered an injury that cut her military career short. However, that did not stop her from serving: after 20 years of working in the defense space as a disabled veteran, Redmon noticed that many critical programs fail to receive funding and knew there was a better way to get essential work done at more competitive prices. Thus the idea of SAMS was born.

Since then, Redmon has proven her ability to build and galvanize high-performance teams that achieve exceptional organizational results, as demonstrated time and again in the years that SAMS has been in business. Redmon believes that investing in employees, clients and community is the measure of a successful business and makes it a priority to surround herself with a team of strong and talented individuals who push SAMS to new levels of achievement.

Staci holds a Graduate Certificate in Procurement and Federal Contracts Management from the University of Virginia, a BS in Computer Information Systems and MBA with a concentration in Acquisition from Strayer University, and an AAS in Computer Electronics Technology from Central Texas College.

As a true believer and advocate for continuous learning, she is also a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program, the Babson College Surge and Grow program, the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College Tuck-WBENC Executive program and the Tuck-WBENC Strategic Growth program (both sponsored by IBM), and the 1863 Ventures program in association with Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.

Staci is a veteran of the United States Army and a disabled vet.

Staci Redmon


Chantel Simms is the Human Capital Manager at SAMS, where she uses her two decades of experience in human resources to develop and maintain professional relationships with all levels of employees. Chantel holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Organization and Human Resource Development, and is also a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and a Certified Professional through Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM-CP).


Chantel Simms

Human Capital Manager

Martye Karen Joyce is a Business Development Manager at SAMS. She is one of the company’s leading technology experts and eagerly explores trends on the cutting edge of the digital frontier, including emergent cybersecurity issues and the intersection of healthcare and technological transformation. Martye has earned MBAs in Corporate Governance/Global Executive Leadership and Marketing, a Masters in Cybersecurity Policy, and a Bachelor’s in Business Management.

Martye Karen Joyce

Business Development Manager

John Redmon is Director of Logistics Management for SAMS, a position that is bolstered by his 22+ years of experience in the United States’ military. In the private sector, he has leading expertise in Operations, Supply Chain Management, and Logistics roles. John has earned several business degrees, including an MBA with a concentration in Supply Chain Management.

John Redmon

Director of Logistics Management

Gabriel Nieves is SAMS’ Marketing Coordinator, a position to which he brings in-depth marketing knowledge across diverse digital technologies and nearly a decade of experience guiding organizations to embrace digital transformation and advanced technologies in the marketing field. He is a subject matter expert in advanced analytics, digital marketing, account-based marketing (ABM), and a variety of programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, and SQL. Gabriel holds HubSpot and Google Marketing Platform Administrator certifications and his contributions at SAMS impact multiple disciplines in marketing and client engagement.

Gabriel Nieves Castro

Marketing Coordinator

SAMS proudly holds a Veterans First hiring practice and strives to create meaningful employment opportunities for veterans and family members of veterans. Currently, more than seventy-percent of our employee population lies within this category.

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