Rule #70 – The Value of Values

Values define us. They determine who we are and where we’re headed. When something is that important, don’t you think you would see it everywhere? Unfortunately, many companies don’t take the time to define their core values, which results in dysfunctional teams. Whether explicit or implicit, every company operates by some set of values. If… Read more »

Rule #69 – The Missing Link…Mentorship?

Leverage your own experience by mentoring someone who can benefit from it. Think of the men and women who have helped you along your journey, and then look around you and find someone who could use that same level of support. Maybe it’s a business colleague, or someone who’s a little bit behind you. Whoever… Read more »

Rule #68 – Owning your Mistakes

It’s second nature to pass the blame when a problem arises. Generally business decisions are made collaboratively, so if something goes wrong it may not necessarily be one individual’s error. However, as a manager or as an entry level employee striving to climb the ladder, it is essential that you accept responsibility and take the… Read more »

Rule #67 – Your #1 Asset

Your top asset in your company isn’t your money- it’s your employees. Your team determines how successful your company will become, and therefore the amount of revenue your company accrues each year. With this in mind, it’s pivotal that as an employer, you hire employees based on culture fit within your business in order to… Read more »

Rule #66- Support Veteran Businesses

On Veterans Day each year, American’s proudly celebrate our heroes. However, a beneficial and economical way to give back all year long would be to support veteran owned businesses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015, veterans under 24 faced a 13% unemployment rate and veterans aged 25-34 had an unemployment rate of… Read more »

Rule #65 – Welcoming Change

Rule #65 – Welcoming Change Change- it’s a word that causes your employees to cringe. Organizational changes are often met with considerable resistance. However, change is a necessity in order to keep a healthy company from reaching the decline phase after a business has reached its proverbial peak. If your company’s services and products are… Read more »

Rule # 64 – Recognizing Achievements

Recognizing your employee’s achievements is pivotal in creating a motivated and satisfied workforce. Although workers may be hired in with the obligation to work hard and improve business, employees internally crave recognition for going above and beyond general work duties. You don’t need to implement extravagant awards; a simple shout-out to your employees or an… Read more »

Rule #63 – Work Hard/Play Hard

Successful leaders make their company a fun place to work. This doesn’t mean that you need to purchase a ping-pong table for the break room or hire a masseuse. Small gestures can go a long way, such organizing monthly or quarterly company engagement events or bringing in baked goods for your employees. Don’t take work… Read more »

Rule #62 – Network, Network, Network

Whether you are building a new business from the ground up, striving to increase your client base, or searching for beneficial business partners, networking is always of utmost utmost importance. It’s crucial that your employees participate in various networking events in order to tap into new resources and accelerate your business’ professional development. Networking is… Read more »

Rule #61 – Maintaining your Business Reputation

Rule #61 – Maintaining your Business Reputation It’s often said that you can know what a person will be like based upon their closest companions. The same holds true for a business. Who you regularly conduct business with can greatly impact your business reputation. Even if your business partners have never been involved in a… Read more »