The Invaluable Benefits of Mentorship for Entrepreneurs

According to the Small Business Association, about a third of new startups fail in the first two years. Sometimes the right advice can make all the difference. While entrepreneurial mavericks may enjoy being the lone sheriff in town, they’d do well to deputize a trusted advisor., a free service connecting entrepreneurs with volunteer mentors,… Read more »

SAMS Salutes our Veteran Employees

As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Strategy and Management Services, Inc. (SAMS) prioritizes the importance of hiring, training and retaining employees who have previously or are currently serving in the military. Over 75% of SAMS’ valuable team members are either veterans or family members of veterans, adding to the strong culture and… Read more »

What Can We Do for Veterans in Transition?

Much has changed since the Vietnam War when returning veterans were considered unwelcome by some U.S. citizens who were intensely against the war. Today, it is not unusual for ordinary citizens to approach a veteran and offer a heartfelt, “Thank you for your service.” At SAMS, veterans or family members of veterans make up 75%… Read more »

Green Cleaning for Safety, Sustainability, and Savings

Green cleaning, relatively new watchwords in facilities management, improves indoor air quality for employees and customers and lightens the environmental-toxin load.  But while large corporations and public-sector businesses, like hospitals and schools, may have sophisticated green-cleaning programs, midsize and small companies may feel left behind by the green train. LEED for Existing Buildings Program If… Read more »

Reducing the Cost of Ownership by Paying Less for Utilities

Utilities are generally an organization’s second biggest expense behind payroll—anywhere from 19 percent to a third of total operating costs. But facility executives can considerably reduce the costs of building ownership by focusing on energy and water-use efficiency. Such measures will not only add to the bottom line but contribute to environmental sustainability in a… Read more »

Identifying Weaknesses in Your Current Warehouse Operations

If your goal as a warehouse operations manager is to use the physical space, equipment and labor resources you’ve been allocated to meet the needs of your organization’s customers, then achieving your goal requires you to get comfortable with ongoing change. Today, more organizations are taking a serious look at the impact their warehouse has… Read more »

What’s Trending? Call Centers are Returning to the U.S.

Whether you run a small business or large enterprise organization, your call center is a critical customer touch point. To improve the call center experience and drive higher levels of customer loyalty and satisfaction, companies are reinvesting in their centers, deploying new technologies, and implementing advanced customer relationship management tools to better understand their customers…. Read more »

Do Corporate Volunteer Programs Really Make a Difference?

As more companies rush to invest in volunteer programs to boost their employees’ engagement and development, raise the level and quality of their recruits, and even drive sales, measuring a program’s value is often an afterthought. So, how does a company evaluate whether the employee program it has carefully crafted is hitting the mark and… Read more »

Innovation or Incineration: How companies that don’t innovate don’t last.

It’s been nearly two decades since Michael E. Porter, Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School wrote “The Competitive Advantage of Nations.” Porter’s groundbreaking study of international competitiveness outlined how a nation’s competitiveness depends on the capacity of its industry to innovate and upgrade. It transformed how companies think and act when it… Read more »

Stop Making these 3 Mistakes to Become a Better Manager

Picture this: you’ve just landed a high-profile assignment as a manager for a critical customer project. Now what? You think well on your feet, solve problems and ooze professionalism with clients. As a manager, your daily routine consists of gathering information, synthesizing insights, and creating solutions. However, the road to delivering successful project outcomes is… Read more »