3 Ways Contractors Can Kickstart a Company’s Culture

Your company culture can make or break your company.  It can increase or decrease profits, affect operational efficiency, sway employee turnover rates, and dictate how much risk an organization is willing to take.  With federal, state and local governments, as well as private companies, continuing to turn to the industry for staff augmentation and project support, the crucial role of contractors and their impact on company culture is a hotly debated topic.  Here are few ways contractors or employees outside of your corporate office can contribute to creating a stronger and more successful company culture.

Culture binding

A clear and consistent company culture can give everyone on your organization the proper framework to work within. As an unbiased resource, contractors can help you gauge the culture within your company, providing you with invaluable insights and ideas to help bind your culture to advance your company’s strategic goals. Often, contractors are best positioned to identify opportunities for skills exchange, collaboration and contribution.

A stronger sense of team

People want to have a solid understanding of their jobs and know how their work contributes to the success of the organization. There’s no mystery about what employee engagement can achieve. Gallup recently found that the most engaged employees are 17 percent more productive than their least engaged counterparts. Engaged employees also deliver products with 41 percent fewer quality defects. Absenteeism and turnover can be anywhere from 25 percent to 65 percent lower, depending on average industry turnover rates.


Contractors can boost your organization’s innovation.  It’s easy to forget during times of budgetary constraints the real value that contractors can bring to an organization.  Organizations often miss the innovative contributions that contractors make, such as strengthening the company brand, increasing client loyalty, or increasing productivity through improvded productivity.  Rather than viewing contractors as something to be managed, they should be viewed as strategic and part of an organization’s game plan for success.  Clearly, choosing the right contactor that brings with them the right mix of skills and who understands your company values will make it easier to build well-functioning teams to deliver successful project and contract outcomes.

An organization’s culture is what binds a workforce together.  Whether staffers are full-time employees or contracted to your organization, it’s their shared mindset that will help all your staffers bond and prevent a culture clash.   At SAMS, we take our jobs seriously—but personally—and have built a company culture that is committed to integrity, continuous learning, and social responsibility. By investing in people that share our values, we have cultivated a dynamic, entrepreneurial team.  We can source well-qualified and experienced staff, including security cleared professionals, that fit in seamlessly with your company culture. Contact SAMS today to learn more.