Five Steps for Developing a Successful Management Strategy

The value of a successful management strategy cannot be underestimated. Management controls whether your organization will be able to fulfill its initiatives, regardless of its resources. With better management you can leverage your organization’s assets to achieve practically any goal. Here are the five steps to building a successful management strategy. 1. Set Your Goals… Read more »

Streamlining The Facility Management Function

Facility management operates best when it is as optimized and streamlined as possible. Because facility management impacts every level of an organization’s operations, the better the facility management is, the easier it is for the business itself. But streamlining facility management is easier said than done: it requires a thorough analysis of the facility’s operations… Read more »

Systems Engineers and Technical Assistance vs. Program Management

What are the key differences between Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) and Program Management? It’s largely an issue of scale. Some organizations may need complete SETA services; other organizations may need to focus on either their program or their project management. Both SETA and Program Management will provide analysis, metrics, and support for better… Read more »

Developing and Improving Goals for Your Team

Team building and development is intrinsic to successful facility operations and management. Part of team building is developing and improving upon the goals that you set for your team. Facilities need to be constantly maintained and optimized if they are to offer the best in efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By getting your entire team on board,… Read more »

Understanding Smart Buildings

Saving money, increasing comfort, and improving property values: these are all things that can be achieved through a smart, automated building. But a “smart” system can mean many things and actually integrating a smart system into an existing infrastructure can appear to be overwhelming. The coming years will undoubtedly see an increase in smart buildings, and everyone… Read more »

Understanding the Collaborative Needs of a Business

How well does your business collaborate? If it’s like most businesses, there’s always some room for improvement. Collaboration requires discipline, training, and structure. Most importantly, it has to be an intrinsic part of company culture, starting with those at the very top. Without mindful planning, collaboration becomes muddled and messy, and ultimately ends up creating… Read more »

Made to Last: Developing an Operational Strategy

Making operational improvements is difficult on its own, but ensuring that they are sustainable is even more of a challenge. When developing an operational improvement strategy, it’s absolutely critical to think about the long-term risks and challenges. Otherwise much of the investment that the organization makes in improving its operations will be ultimately lost. Developing… Read more »

Strategic Planning is Essential for Your Long-Term Growth

If you’re looking to expand your business, the first step is to develop a strategy. Growth is one of the most vulnerable times for an organization. Businesses that are seeking to expand (even slowly) will often overextend themselves and find themselves with weaknesses in their infrastructure. Strategic planning creates a process through which an organization… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions for Facility Managers and their Team

What are your New Year’s Resolutions for your facility management? As the new year approaches, it becomes necessary for facility managers to review their operations. What has been working? What hasn’t? And what can you do to prepare your facility and your team for the coming year? Here are a few aspects you might want… Read more »

Facility Management During the Holidays

The holidays are generally a unique time of year for facility managers. This includes even those who are not directly involved with the holiday season, such as retailers. Holidays bring with them a host of once-a-year events and seasonal challenges. Not only do facility managers need to contend with the chilly winter weather, but they… Read more »