Spread the Holiday Cheer with Employee Volunteer Programs

The holidays are the best time to consider giving back to your local community. Not only does charitable giving improve upon employee morale, but it also builds up good will with your current and prospective clients. Studies have shown that charitable giving improves upon public perception of a business, in addition to increasing exposure and… Read more »

Benefits of a Contract Management System

A contract management system is designed to track all aspects of an organization’s contracts in a single consolidated, centralized place. Through a contract management system, business owners can track their vendors, ensure compliance, renegotiate their contracts, and cancel their contract renewals. Creating a More Transparent Environment Organizations without a contract management system have no easy… Read more »

Skills to Succeed in Facility Management

Whether you’re a newly hired facility manager or simply looking to brush up upon your skills, the art of facility management can be deceptively fast-paced and difficult to master. Facility management encompasses everything about the physical assets of an organization, requiring superb resource management and interpersonal skills. Being As Prepared and Knowledgeable as Possible From… Read more »

Project Management vs. Program Management

Comparing program management and project management is similar to comparing the forest to the trees that comprise it. Program management encompasses multiple projects, whereas project management drills down to the smallest details of a specific initiative. In smaller businesses, program management and project management may be effectively indistinguishable. In larger organizations, they can be vastly different… Read more »

Importance of Mailroom and Courier Services

Mailroom and courier services are an often forgotten but absolutely vital part of a company’s operations. If the mailroom of a company is failing to complete its duties, other areas of the business can grind to a halt. Mailroom and courier services are designed to ensure that documents are transferred appropriately and quickly, and that… Read more »

Business Process Assessment – Improving Productivity and Functionality

Business processes make up the core of an organization’s day-to-day operations. By improving the productivity and functionality of business processes, operations can be streamlined at all levels and overhead can be substantially reduced. All businesses have pockets of inefficiency throughout their current systems. A business process assessment is designed to both reveal and mitigate these… Read more »

The Roles and Responsibilities of a Facilities Manager

From storage areas to physical office spaces, a business needs to rely upon everything being in operating order to run smoothly. A facilities manager is the individual charged with taking care of the day-to-day maintenance, upgrades, and management of these systems. Facilities operations managers may run one or many locations, and they are generally responsible… Read more »

The Importance of Strategic Management vs. Strategic Planning

Strategic management and strategic planning are both incredibly important aspects of organizational management. When used in tandem, strategic management and planning create a comprehensive set of procedures that will govern the future decisions of the business. By creating this type of structured operation, businesses are able to improve their efficiency, reduce their expenses, and consolidate… Read more »

Strategic Planning to Improve Organizational Performance

Any organization can benefit from the process of strategic planning. Strategic planning improves upon organizational performance by streamlining operations, optimizing time management, and appropriately leveraging resources. From small startups to larger enterprises, the use of strategic planning empowers an organization to make the most of what they have. The Benefits of Strategic Planning Strategic planning gives… Read more »

Why You Need a Project Management Office

Do you really need a project management office? While it can be tempting to avoid this (especially for small business owners), project management is an essential way of streamlining and controlling day-to-day operations. Project managers ensure that services and products are fulfilled, adding an exceptional amount of value to a business. Projects Need Accountability A… Read more »