The Importance of Acquisition and Contract Management

Contract managers fulfill an extremely critical role within a business. Not only must they aid the company in acquiring and managing its resources, but they must also ensure that contracts are designed with the company’s best interests in mind. Frequently, they must negotiate with external resources and third-parties, and they need to keep thorough records… Read more »

Importance of Program and Project Management

Program management and project management both involve similar skill sets, but they are very different roles. Programs are much larger and more complex than projects; it’s easiest to think of a program as consisting of many separate projects. Though the core management tools are the same, program managers often need to have a broader scope and need… Read more »

Tenant Fit-Up – First Impressions are a Lasting Impression

A tenant fit-up is designed not only to improve the productivity of your office, but also to make it professional and polished for your clientele. When designing your tenant fit-up, you need to consider the first impressions that your client will receive when walking in your office. Thinking about the Client’s Perspective In general, clients… Read more »

What a Custom Tenant Fit-Up Tells Your Customers

It’s not just about having a space: you also need to have a space that works well for your employees and your clients. A fit-up updates and customizes your office spaces to your company’s needs, providing for better productivity and a better first impression. Fit-ups handle everything: flooring, painting, lighting, and even decor. Whenever you’re moving into… Read more »

The Necessity of Effective Facilities Operations and Management

It’s often easy for organizations to overlook the importance of their facility management, but it’s something that is absolutely necessary for an efficient business. Facilities operations govern every activity that the business does, by providing a reliable infrastructure through which employees are able to fulfill their tasks. Without a skilled and experienced facilities manager, many… Read more »

Benefits of Having an Established Janitorial Service

Business owners have two choices when it comes to the upkeep of their property: relying upon their employees or hiring an established janitorial service. There are many benefits of having an established janitorial service that far outweigh the initial price. By hiring highly skilled individuals, facilities are kept clean all day, with attention to detail…. Read more »

Is Facilities Management Really Necessary?

Do you come to work every day worrying that your office will have frozen pipes and a lack of heat during the cold winter months, if plugging in your computer will give you an electric shock, or if the ceiling tiles will fall on you at random during an important meeting? Of course not! Such… Read more »

Benefits of Employee Volunteer Programs

  There are many reasons for creating employee volunteer programs. Not the least of them is that corporate social responsibility is one way for rich corporations to share their wealth with people who need it. Over 14 percent of the U.S. population lives under the poverty line which is $23,836 for a family of four,… Read more »


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