Redmon’s Rule #139 – Focus on Solutions

Making excuses benefits no one. Neither does dwelling on past mistakes, passing blame, and wasting precious time by focusing on a problem. Transform your mistakes into a learning process so you can prevent them from recurring. Simply accept responsibility, provide solutions, and redirect the business towards achieving its overall goals. Do you make excuses or… Read more »

Redmon’s Rule #138 – Celebrate the Everyday Leaders

A leader has become something that we strive to be instead of accepting that we already are. We celebrate accomplishments that few people can achieve, rather than celebrating the everyday actions that positively influence the lives of others. Think of a moment when someone did something that changed your life for the better. Maybe it… Read more »

Redmon’s Rule #137 – Reduce the Distance of Remote Teams

Remote teams require emotionally intelligent, agile leaders who understand the impact of both physical and psychological distance. Distributed employees are faced with communication challenges unfamiliar – and quickly forgotten – by their local counterparts. What’s usually a quick pop-in across the hall can turn into hours waiting on an emailed reply. Focus on solutions that… Read more »

Redmon’s Rule #136- Avoid Analysis Paralysis

It’s easy to think that one more click or brainstorming session will provide the “Aha!” moment you seek. Unfortunately, you’re more likely to end up with analysis paralysis and risk missed opportunities. Here’s how to avoid it: 1. Determine your objectives. What is the outcome you’d like to achieve? 2. Relevant information is actionable. Consider… Read more »

Redmon’s Rule #135 – Walk Around

Management by Walking Around (MBWA) has been practiced for centuries – and for a good reason. It works! If you expect to identify the real problems and elicit solutions from earnest and hard-working employees, it is essential to walk around. Visit your employees both on-site and in the field. Get to know them. Ask what… Read more »

Redmon’s Rule #134 – Choose Who You Will Become

As an entrepreneur, you’re expected to carve your own path – and you’ll undoubtedly face roadblocks along the way. When faced with divergence, find purpose in the moment and make a conscious decision to respond. Take time to reflect on why the situation occurred and what you might learn from it. Then use this knowledge… Read more »

Redmon’s Rule #133 – Lead with Intent

For good or for bad, culture is nothing more than the behavior of its leaders. Start by examining your character. Are you thinking, feeling, and acting in morally relevant ways? Does your character model your core values? People will always do what you do, and not what you say. Spend some time examining your integrity…. Read more »

Redmon’s Rule #132 – Identify Hidden Leaders

The Dunning-Kruger effect argues that the most competent people are often the most insecure. People who question their abilities are often great leaders because they are humble enough to know there is always more to learn. Identify these “hidden leaders” on your team. The thinkers. The doers. The ones who pursue challenging tasks. When overconfidence… Read more »

Redmon’s Rule #131 – Perception is Key to Communication

Alleviate mixed messages by combating two common challenges, selective perception and closure. Selective perception occurs when individuals readily accept information that mirrors their values, beliefs, and expectations – and ignore the rest. Inefficient communication and selective perception can lead to gaps in knowledge. Individuals then seek to fill these gaps using a process known as… Read more »

Redmon’s Rule #130 – Fail Early and Often

At some point in your journey, you’re going to feel stuck. Situations will arise that leave you feeling confined. You might even think you’ve already failed. When this happens, remember that there is no one best solution. And if you want to solve a problem, you have to find it first. Tough problems are hard… Read more »