Rule #99 – You Don’t Have to Go it On Your Own

Sometimes leaders try to take everything on themselves. But that’s not leading, that’s failing to delegate. You can’t do it all on your own. Let your staff do what they do best, and find business partners and employees who can balance out your weaknesses. There’s a time tested African proverb that says, “If you want… Read more »

Rule #98 – Know Your Customer

This is a time honored chestnut, but remains as true as ever. How many businesses fail to understand what their customers’ lives are really like? What are their pain points? What keeps them awake at night? Answer these questions and you’ll discover what customers are really looking for in your product or service. How well… Read more »

Rule #97 – Look for Alternative Methods

When it comes to innovation, people often think of new inventions and modern technology. However, some of the most innovative ideas include processes and improved methods. It’s important to encourage your team to discover alternative ways to complete projects that may be more efficient and less time consuming, saving your clients time and money. Don’t… Read more »

Rule #96 – Make Credibility Your Credo

Credibility can be defined as the power of inspiring belief. It is at the core of all relationships, and once you lose it, it can be the hardest thing to get back. Living up to clients’ expectations can be challenging at times, but if you maintain your credibility as true, real and honest, you are… Read more »

Rule #95 – Don’t Bury the Elephant

When there are issues within your company, it’s easy to want to avoid bringing up the elephant in the room. However, what company has ever benefited by ignoring their issues? It’s best to address any issues head on and resolve them before they grow into bigger problems. Every company faces challenges at times, so rather… Read more »

Rule #94 – Demonstrate the Difference

Your employees may know the specific roles they play in your company and how they affect the overall company vision, but do they know how they directly make a difference for your clients? It may be obvious to project managers and employees who directly communicate with those you serve, but do your accountants understand how… Read more »

Rule #93 – Occupy Your Brand

A brand is more than a slick logo or snappy tagline. It’s the sum total of how someone perceives your organization. In short, it’s your reputation. A brand is influenced by customers, employees, news articles, social media, your CEO and the receptionist in the front lobby. Everything your company does either enhances or diminishes your… Read more »

Rule #92 – Who’s Your Decision Maker?

Never allow a person to tell you no who doesn’t have the power to say yes. Who in your organization has the power to say “Yes”? It’s the best way to identify the true decision maker. Almost anyone in an organization can say “No,” but the person with real power can say yes. Who has… Read more »

Rule #91 – The Power of Goals

If your employees haven’t established work goals, what are they working towards? Employees who have set work goals are not only more motivated at their jobs, but they are also more engaged as they have a clear direction as to how they fit into the bigger picture of your organization. As a manager, employees can… Read more »

Rule #90 – Encourage the Heart

True leaders know how to help their people accomplish extraordinary things by offering encouragement and celebrating success. By leading with the heart, they make people want to get behind the company’s mission and goals and strive to exceed expectations.