Rule #89 – No Place for Strangers

When it comes down to doing business, whether in the federal or commercial arena, people do business with people they know, like, and trust. Although your company may have superior capabilities and a talented team, if the client does not know who you are, nine times out of ten they’ll choose your competitor. It all… Read more »

Rule #88 – Purging Procrastination

Everyone’s done it. You have a deadline, but you’re not quite motivated to complete it just yet, so you don’t. Unfortunately, procrastination has a drastic effects on the workplace, so it’s best to work hard to prevent it. Thankfully, there are several solid solutions. Hold your employees accountable. If you clearly communicate what needs to… Read more »

Rule #87 – Exceed by Succeeding

How do you exceed expectations? Before every customer meeting and at the end of every customer plan, write a statement as to how you plan to exceed their expectations. By writing it down, it will help you succeed. Do you exceed expectations?

Rule #86 – Just When You Thought You Were Giving 100%

We are all capable of so much more than we think we are. The Navy Seals have a 40% rule that says when your mind is telling you you’re done, you’re only about 40% done. We all under-estimate what we have inside us. So next time you’re working on a difficult project and feel yourself… Read more »

Rule #85 – Power Trip

There’s an increasing amount of CEOs and notable leaders who rise to the top and come crashing down due to scandals. As a leader, there comes an insurmountable pressure to continue to achieve. However, it’s crucial that you take a step back and remember the values that got you where you are in the first… Read more »

Rule #84 – Three Words to Grow Your Company

It only takes three words to build a successful company: Aspiration, Inspiration and Perspiration. First you need a vision (aspiration) so others can follow, next you need to inspire them, and finally you need to work hard (Perspiration). It may not always be easy, but it will be well worth it when your company starts… Read more »

Rule #83 – Reason to Believe

Building employee loyalty means hiring people who believe what you believe. If you’re hiring talented people but they don’t share your beliefs and values, it ultimately won’t work out. So take the time in the beginning to hire the right people, and you won’t regret it. How do you choose employees who believe what you… Read more »

Rule #82 – You Are Your Most Important Product

Have a clear sense of why your customers are your customers. Is it your product, your pricing, or your personality? Tangibles like product or pricing could be fleeting. A competitor could come up with something better. But if you cultivate customers based on who you are personally, their loyalty will be longer lasting. How do… Read more »

Rule #81 – Entrepreneurial Inspiration

What motivated you to start your business or work for the company you do? Truly successful entrepreneurs aren’t in it just for the money. Instead, they are passionate about making a difference with the organization in various ways, such as engaging employees in community service activities or providing transitioning veterans with their first civilian job…. Read more »

Rule #80 – Leadership is Sacrifice

Many ambitious individuals strive to work their way up the ladder in order to become a leader for the money, power, and a prestigious position. What they fail to realize at first is the substantial sacrifice that is involved. An increase in leadership results in a corresponding growth in responsibilities, limitations, and accountability. A lack… Read more »