What a Custom Tenant Fit-Up Tells Your Customers

It’s not just about having a space: you also need to have a space that works well for your employees and your clients. A fit-up updates and customizes your office spaces to your company’s needs, providing for better productivity and a better first impression. Fit-ups handle everything: flooring, painting, lighting, and even decor. Whenever you’re moving into a new space (or just seeking a new look), a fit-up is an essential investment.

Look Professional With an Updated Space

Visual appeal is incredibly important when constructing an office space. While your clients usually won’t be able to “see” how productive your office staff is, they can definitely see how well your office has been designed. Something as simple as updating the flooring and the wall color can dramatically alter the appearance of an office. Trends change so often that an office designed and developed just a decade ago can look woefully dated. And whether they should or not, many clients will make the assumption that a company itself is dated. Bright lights, open spaces, and lighter colors are all emphasized in modern designs.

Provide High-End Client Features

Fit-outs often include high-end client features, such as technologically-enhanced meeting rooms. These are features that a client might expect when dealing with an office within the professional sector, and which can greatly improve upon how competitive a business is. Conference rooms can be tailored to a business and allow for both on-premise and remote meetings, and the importance of a professional presentation room cannot be understated. Modern customers need to know not only that your customer service is sufficient, but also that your technology is capable of meeting their needs. The more luxurious and modern the accommodations, the more established a business likely is.

Showcase Your Work and Accomplishments 

Not only will your fit-up  show your company’s current professionalism, it can also be used to tell a story about your branding. A custom fit-up can be designed to incorporate elements of a company’s history, as well as to display its unique and modern style: an old Bronx company might include exposed brick in its design, while an engineering company could include some of its critical patents and designs. All of this gives the customer an impression of a company that is built to last and has strong roots in the community, both of which will encourage their trust.

Of course, a custom tenant fit-up isn’t just about sending a message to your customers. Custom fit-ups also vastly improve the productivity of your offices, by successfully managing traffic and providing for easier access to office resources. A fit-up is about more than just making the office look fantastic; it’s about ensuring that the office works as efficiently and precisely as it can.

Even moderate renovations can have a significant impact on how your office spaces are viewed by your clients. SAMS provides complete consultation and strategic planning services for companies of all sizes. To find out more about their building maintenance and facility management services, contact the experts at SAMS today.