Defense and Security

Since 2008, SAMS has formed long-term partnerships with clients across the Defense and Security sector, transforming systems, managing databases and aligning operations with digital strategy.

When it comes to defense, leaders often have to choose between expertise and affordability. Partner with a contractor that provides both.

Banking and Finance

The financial industry has changed radically with technological disruption, generating new opportunities and risk.

We are proud to offer technical and strategic expertise to our clients in the Banking and Financial Services sector, offering consultancy, scalable systems development and security services.


As a sector dedicated to quality of service, healthcare stands to benefit from emerging technology at every level of the stack. For decades, data siloing and deprecated systems have created obstacles to business management and patient care.

As a digital transformation solutions provider, SAMS develops optimized and elastic solutions that scale with your business to promote longevity and growth. We are ready to be your partner at every step of the transformation journey from strategy development to ongoing maintenance.


As more devices come online and bandwidth increases with new system protocols, the communications sector is undergoing exciting changes that require faster connectivity, centralized governance and better data. In the communications sector, speed is everything; at SAMS, we believe the same holds true for strategy and development. Choose a partner who is ready to put your mission first and finish ahead of schedule – choose SAMS.


With a business model that depends heavily on efficient resource management, leaders in the agribusiness sector understand the value of good data better than anyone else. Emerging technology and innovation have paved the way to unlocking key insights for success, and SAMS has the expertise to deploy it.

As a lifecycle solutions provider, SAMS is ready to assess, strategize, deploy and continually improve your operations. Let us be your partner for meaningful transformation and improvement.

Utilities and Energy

These are exciting days in the Utilities and Energy sector. From IT/OT convergence to the Smart Grid, innovation is radically transforming the way that resources are produced and distributed. SAMS is proud to play a part in modernizing our country's power grid.

With a rising demand for new infrastructure and technical capabilities, there’s always more to be done in the Utilities and Energy Sector. As a lifecycle solutions provider, SAMS is ready to be your partner from strategy to deployment and beyond.

Consumer Goods and Services

As a business in the Consumer Goods & Services sector, you depend on many resources to stay competitive, generate leads, and maintain a scalable ecosystem for expansion and development.

The realm of technology and innovation is swiftly converging with the realms of management, marketing and supply chain. When you need help, you need it fast – as a lifecycle solutions provider, we understand that.


Digital transformation is changing the game for educators, school boards, curriculum providers and students. We are proud to serve our clients in the education sector by providing systems and solutions to facilitate business management and promote continual growth.

At SAMS, we believe education is a pillar of our nation and shared values. Not only do we hold ourselves to the standard of self-motivated learning and ongoing education, but through the SAMS Cares program, we volunteer to promote literacy and help children succeed.

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