IT Portfolio Optimization Through Enterprise Architecture

The U.S. National Guard comprises reserve forces of the U.S. military who stand by for action in cases of crisis on a national and local level. Managing, activating, and monitoring over 300,000 troops is a vital but challenging responsibility for all levels of administration from action officer to senior leadership.

In the 1990s, the National Guard – like many other branches of the U.S. military– turned to digitalization for managing its employees and day-to-day activities. A decade later, however, its deprecated data infrastructure was beginning to show its age.

Spread across 50 states and other territories of America, the National Guard currently comprises 54 separate but unified organizations all creating, logging and outputting data on a daily basis. In 2010, problems with the existing system became abundantly clear. The old infrastructure could no longer support the client’s continuous growth, and the National Guard looked to contractors for a transformative solution. Strategy and Management Services (SAMS) was selected to optimize the National Guard’s IT modernization efforts.

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