SAMS CORE: How We Approach Client Success

Since 2008 when we were founded, and since entering the SBA’s 8(a) Business Development program in 2010, Strategy Management Services Inc. (SAMS) has come a long way. With guidance from industry insiders like our founder Staci Redmon, SAMS has deftly navigated the competitive federal marketplace, winning clients like the Department of Defense (DoD), U.S. Navy and General Services Administration (GSA).

So how did we get here, and what’s the next step? First, SAMS has always been guided by three core values in building industry relationships and getting the job done:

  1. Our people: Not only does SAMS create work opportunities for veterans with unique perspectives on government needs, but we put their needs first with job security and competitive benefits.
  2. Our clients: SAMS is a lifecycle technology solutions provider, meaning we never leave our clients dry. From development to implementation to maintenance, we take pride in our work and ensure that our partners are taken care of for the long haul.
  3. Our community: Recently, the government of Virginia recognized our efforts to build a diverse environment for the disabled, women and minorities. SAMS is continually dedicated to making a positive difference in the communities we are a part of.

These simple ideas have taken us far as a business. But there’s more: SAMS CORE describes the values behind our service pipeline, from development through delivery and support. These are the goals we strive towards which differentiate us from everyone else and satisfy our clients every time.

  • Collaboration

SAMS doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Rather than reduce cost for our customers, they raise overhead and add unnecessary complication to problems that could be simplified. We work alongside our clients to develop products, workflows, tools and solutions that fit a narrowly specified range of needs. We stay in touch through implementation and continue to provide updates and support long after the job is finished.

  • Optimization

Optimization is crucial for ensuring that a client extracts maximum value from the service they paid for, and it’s one of the reasons we can provide competitive rates. Sometimes a new solution isn’t needed at all – it may be that an old solution simply needs improvement. Whether that means analyzing and changing parameters, switching out old equipment or tinkering with workflows, SAMS doesn’t just provide a product: we perfect it diligently.

  • Rapidity

Hiring a contractor shouldn’t take three business quarters: SAMS prioritizes speed, because most contracts are time-sensitive and once technology is deployed, it should be as up-to-date as possible. With a well-organized and intimate team of specialists for different areas of expertise, we can afford to hit the ground running as soon as plans are approved. Our rapid deployment gives clients a competitive edge and keeps their bottom-line low.

  • Elasticity

SAMS frequently encounters clients with variable needs and workloads. In these cases, providing a solution that always runs at maximum capacity is wasteful and not cost-effective. Whenever assessing a project, we take variability into consideration and provide elastic solutions that both expand and decommission depending on factors specified by the client.

The Future of SAMS CORE

Over the past few years, the U.S Government has been in digital transformation efforts to advance quality of service in the public sector. The SAMS CORE approach is helping our clients to prepare for this future by consolidating lifecycle solutions that adjust to changing needs and rapid developments.

Specifically, our solutions reflect the values mentioned above:

  • Advisory solutions: we assess the needs specific to your organization, find challenges, and develop solutions tailored for your success.
  • Technology: our team brings certified experience with technological solutions to the table and identifies the smartest investments to solve your problems.
  • Implementation: we supervise the project and stay in touch through every step of the implementation process to ensure that the project is successfully deployed.
  • Managed services: we continue to monitor and oversee operations, allowing us to continually refine your solution long after the contract is finished.

By having their backs from start to finish, this approach is how SAMS will continue to fulfill one of our central prerogatives: making clients successful.