Redmon’s Rule #130 – Fail Early and Often

At some point in your journey, you’re going to feel stuck. Situations will arise that leave you feeling confined. You might even think you’ve already failed. When this happens, remember that there is no one best solution. And if you want to solve a problem, you have to find it first. Tough problems are hard… Read more »

Redmon’s Rule #123 – Know and Live Your Mission Statement

There are two very specific questions every organization must ask. Who are our customers and what is our core competency? Although these questions may seem very simple, their answers provide key insights to your business success. Create your mission statement by defining your customers’ needs and wants and what your business must do to satisfy… Read more »

Rule #104 – A Viable Vision

Creating a business without a vision is like going on a long road trip without a GPS. You can try, but you won’t get very far in the right direction. As an entrepreneur, it’s essential that before you start your business you know the overall goal you’re going to accomplish and how you’re going to… Read more »

Rule #81 – Entrepreneurial Inspiration

What motivated you to start your business or work for the company you do? Truly successful entrepreneurs aren’t in it just for the money. Instead, they are passionate about making a difference with the organization in various ways, such as engaging employees in community service activities or providing transitioning veterans with their first civilian job…. Read more »